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What is the AIC?

(pic students)  Our Kids featured camp & program
The end of another exciting day at the AIC!

The AIC is highly structured and intellectually challenging with 4 amazing workstations:
(The camp is located at uFly Simulator)

(pic flight briefing)
Inter-active flight briefing in progress.

The Aviation Immersion C.A.M.P. (AIC) is a dynamic, fast-paced, hands-on aviation immersion program designed to allow students
to master the fundamentals of fixed-wing aviation, while travelling in the virtual world of simulation to various exotic
international destinations; Depart Toronto, land in Hong Kong. Depart Sint Maarten, land in Dubai. From inter-active flight briefings
in the classroom to learning to communicate on the aircraft radio with Air Traffic Control (simulated), while flying an
ILS autopilot approach and automatic landing in zero visibility with a failed engine in the Boeing 777 simulator.
The entire experience is designed to put the responsibility of communications, analytics and management of the aircraft operations
directly under the command of each student. The AIC environment is identical to a team sport environment where everyone must
synergistically pull together in a coordinated, planned effort, recognize and work through the challenges and make progress and success
the goals of the adventure.

Student Objectives:

(pic melaura777)
777-200 Command Program flight operations training in progress.
(The clouds are courtesy of Photoshop!)

As mentioned above, students will master the basic fundamentals of fixed-wing aviation. “Fixed-wing” meaning “conventional” aircraft with
two main wings and a tail with horizontal and vertical aerodynamic surfaces.
(*higher levels of knowledge retention is expected of students attending the First Officer and Command Programs. Self-study and research before
your camp session begins is required in order to pass the Radio Operator's and P-Star exams.)

The Fundamentals of Flight:

(pic 777)
B777-200 take-off

Programs and Costs:

(pic 777 engine)
777-200 walk-around pre-flight inspection

Number of students per program and cost per student:

(Maximum daily student enrollment: 40.)

10 20 30 40
FUNDAMENTALS* $245 $130 $95 $75
CADET* $490 $260 $185 $145
FIRST OFFICER* $775 $430 $315 $259
COMMAND* $1269 $690 $499 $405

(*Programs run as shown on the Ourkids.net schedule. 10 students minimum per program. Cost per student shown is based on 30 students in each program.
Cost per student increases as attendance drops below 30. Cost per student reduces as attendance increase above 30. Please add HST to all pricing.
Command and First Officer students receive an AIC crest and t-shirt. Additional shirts, hats and crests can be purchased on request.
Cost per student reduces as attendance numbers increase)

Contact info:

Contact Aaron Murphy at uFly Simulator for more information and camp program bookings. 416-738-6272

Exam Study Guides:

(pic flightbriefing)
Groundschool flight briefing in progress.

P Star Student Pilot Exam study guide is

Restricted Radio Operator (Aeronautical) Certificate study guide is HERE

Government of Canada Flight Training website is HERE

Transport Canada Flight Training Manual: Copy and paste this link into your favourite search engine:

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777-200 flying a S.T.A.R.

Our Kids featured camp & program